Massage therapists

Massage therapists

Troy Ruptash

Troy began his career as a body worker in New York City in 1996.  He was trained and certified in Body Dynamics, which is a technique that focuses on assessing the body’s energy flow and addresses specific areas of muscular tension via massage and positional release.  He later attended the Massage School of Santa Monica where he learned Swedish, deep tissue and structural integration (a branch of Rolfing).  Troy has the amazing ability to localize the source of a problem and transform an area of irritation into relief and calm. One of his clients remarked that “Troy has done for me what no one else can…he has resolved a year long bout of daily headaches that were affecting my life in every imaginable way… thank you Troy!

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Parker is a certified massage therapist and with over 10 years of physical therapy aid experience.  He combines his strong knowledge of Eastern Medicine, Ayurveda with that of Western Medicine into each massage session.   He specializes in medical massage, sports injury, deep tissue massage, and peak performance sport stretching.  Most of his clients have multiple health conditions such as carpal tunnel, TMJ, piriformis syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc.   He will tailor your session with your health goals in mind.  He has become a popular therapist at Live Well to both patients and staff for his amazing massage techniques.  Parker has also become well known for his muscular work with women during and following pregnancy.

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Cristi AdamsCristi Adams

Cristi Adams is new to Los Angeles from Atlanta, Ga. where she had a flourishing private practice for over 14 years.  Graduated from Academy of Somatic Healing Arts in 1999, she studied Neuromuscular Therapy and Clinical Sports Massage. Post graduate work has included Reiki, Tuina (Chinese medical massage) and structural integration/ fascial stretching. Cristi’s approach to each client is tailored to their needs, focusing on the three P’s, pain relief, preventing injury and promoting balance. One of her clients remarked that “Cristi has been my therapist for 13 years.  I want to thank her for being such a dedicated professional helping me achieve my fitness goals (a half ironman, 2 marathons, 30 half marathons and various other events ) and for keeping me healthy by weekly addressing my aches and pains. Thank you so much, Mark C.”

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Jerome Johnson IIJerome Johnson II

Jerome Johnson II, Graduated from Southern California Health Institute where he studied many techniques and styles of Massage Therapy. Jerome found himself furthering his studies and specializing in Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage and Hot Stone Massage. Throughout his great experiences he has developed and incorporated great intuition in being able to locate muscle tension areas, cure chronic headaches, increase brain cognitively, reduce anxiety, release negative effects of stress, as well as break down scar tissues and adhesions to increase range of motion. One of his new clients remarked “Jerome’s smile is transparent to his body work, he applied great pressure, payed attention to my entire body, tailored his techniques to my needs and performed the best professional massage i have ever had.”- Marci W. His passion for body work reflects his positive personality and eagerness to help as many people as possible.

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