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Blog Post “The Elements Part 2”,  Continued…

Okay, last time we talked about liver Yang rising and liver fire.

This time, let’s talk about couple additional conditions with regards to the Liver – Liver Qi stagnation and Liver Blood deficiency.

Before we dive into the condition’s details, let’s understand better what is Qi.   If you’re a Star Wars fan I think it will be easier to understand the concept of “Qi.”  When they say, “May the force be with you..,” it means the “Qi.”  I’d like to say Qi is like the force of a Jedi, soldier, an athlete or the feeling you get when you get a promotion.  Simply put it, it’s the force of energy that generates and moves; therefore, Qi is generally a Yang natured energy.

On the previous blog we talked about Liver Yang rising and Liver Fire – both are Yang natured conditions, though the causes could be Yin originated and vice versa.  Liver Qi stagnation usually happens by some emotional factors such as depression and sadness.  Although Qi is associated with various organs the Lung is found to be the originator of Qi.  We can see that the lungs play the main role with Qi.  For example, when we are stressed, depressed or tired we often take large inhalations or exhalations of air automatically because our blood vessels seek higher levels of  oxygen.  In turn this greater oxygen level then affects our kidneys’ ability to filter our blood for endocrine system function to stay balanced which consequently results the Liver’s ability to function.

Liver stagnation rises usually due to emotional factors slowing down or withholding of breathing which affects kidneys renal function and consequently the liver.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Lung supports the Kidney and inversely the Kidney supports the Liver.  So when liver stagnation happens typical symptoms are poor digestion/appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea, abdominal distention, sighing, nausea, vomiting, depression, moodiness, PMS, breast tenderness/pain, irregular menstruation and low energy.