tim jung lee

Tim Jung Lee, L.Ac., MSOM

As a CA state board licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist Tim Jung Lee – L.Ac., MSOM exercises a keen holistic perspective approach in his practice.  He genuinely and passionately believes in Traditional Asian Medicine of its efficacy for human health and takes fulfillment in helping people to regain and maintain their well beings.

He diagnoses his patients’ conditions based on “Five Elements Relationships” and “Eight Principles Diagnosis” which involves a principal foundation on five main organs of human body – each organ’s function, characteristics and their intertwined relationships to one another: Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung and Kidney. Mr. Lee is a firm believer in preventive medicine.  He bases his treatment on our body’s tremendous and almost insatiable capability to heal itself…constantly.  He also stresses the importance of Q&A style diagnosis where vital information about the patients’ condition and his/her constitutions gets to be communicated to physician.  At the same time he acknowledges the fact that there is always more room for higher understanding in the medicine for him to strive after.  Mr. Lee practices safe and textbook style acupuncture treatments.

Mr. Lee’s expertise includes: Back – Herniation (bulging) of discs, Neck/shoulder, Joints(sprains, carpal),  Gastrointestinal, Menstruation, Headaches and Migraine, TMJ, Infertility and general stress related ailments.

He has a Master of Science in Traditional Asian Medicine from one of the well acknowledged schools in the nation – DONGGUK UNIVERSITY of LOS ANGELES.  It is the Los Angeles branch campus of the renowned Korean University which is known for its Traditional Asian Medicine programs.  He also has a Bachelor of Science from USC.

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