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The other day, I went to receive a Thai massage at a place I used to frequent before I found the amazing massage therapists at Live Well Chiropractic.  I met up with two of my closest and loving friends for what was sure to be a relaxing evening of pampering.  At this type of massage, they provide you with clothing that you wear during the treatment.  Normally, they are very loose traditional Thai pants and a baggy t-shirt.

When I first found this place, I weighed at least 100 lbs more than I do now.  I was horrified and ashamed to find that I couldn’t even begin to fit into them.  Imagine having to try to explain to the staff member “I’m just going to roll my pants up for my foot massage” instead of changing into their special clothes.  She gave me an innocently quizical look while I fought the urge to run screaming.  Unfortunately, my ride was already in her fun Thai PJ’s with a tiny woman walking on her back.  Meanwhile, I struggled to pull my pants over my very large calves with tears welling in my eyes.  (Insert big sigh here.)  There was no escaping the situation or myself.

I learned quickly to bring my own clothing, even though it was always such an odd exchange with the person at the front desk when I tried to explain my situation.  Honestly, the dread of the clothing often kept me from participating in something my body so desperately needed, especially at that time.  (If you are keeping a running total, and I know I am, you can mark “#75 – massages” off the list of at least 100 things I couldn’t or wouldn’t do when I was obese.)

When I got into the changing room this time and looked down at the clothing laid out for me, I was drawn back into that old anxiety that somehow today they weren’t going to fit.  There was that brief second of “oh no, I forgot my clothes” which came right before the wave of relief that washed over me when I realized that was a distant memory.  As all the body work ensued, I would find myself tensing as she would wind me up into different positions that previously were so difficult and painful for me.  To my amazement, I far exceeded my expectations and found that in releasing the weight, I had become more flexible and experienced less pain.

Charming insight into the terrors of obesity, but what’s the point Dr. Foster?  Simply this:  we are capable of healing and surviving far more than we can imagine in the moment.  I was stuck in my past instead of embracing where I am now.  Our bodies are thousands of miracles at any given moment, and you would be surprised what you can change about yourself.  Sadly, I see many patients who come to me only after they’ve been dealing with a painful condition for a considerable length of time.  But we don’t often need to suffer nearly as much as we do.  Even chronic pain and long-term conditions can often be relieved with a little attention.  Chiropractic care is perfectly suited for so many conditions, even the back and joint pain often felt by those who battle obesity.

Most importantly, we don’t have to keep bringing our own pj’s to life’s events.  We can get better, feel better, do better.  So if there’s something going on with your body or your life for that matter, face it and fight to change it if you can.