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Heart (A Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective)

The nonstop auto-self- pump that keeps us live… it’s like flame of fire that burns constantly as long as there is air and material to be consumed… maybe that’s why ancient Traditional medicine practitioners agreed to compare Heart’s characteristics with characteristics of “Fire.”
Simply put it.., a heart’s main job is to pump enough blood quantity […]

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Low Back Strength and Flexibility Exercises to Do At Home or Work

Take a look at the exercises and stretches for the low back that can easily be done in the comfort of your home. Consistency is often the thing that is missing and will make the difference between having low back discomfort once versus over and over again. Before doing any home exercise routine please consider […]

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Mother’s Day at Live Well Chiropractic and Pilates Center

Therapy…in one of it’s forms

At Live Well Chiropractic and Pilates Center, we offer a variety of physical body therapies to help you function at your best.  Whether it be chiropractic, pilates classes, massage therapy, soft tissue corrective therapy or acupuncture we have a lot to offer you.  As important as it is to have our joints, muscles and structure in peak condition […]

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Herbs With Healing Properties

Please click on the attached link for some information about some types of herbs and their potential healing properties. Always seek professional advice before starting a new regimen of supplements or herbs as their may be information specific to your condition(s) that may require further insight. Your chiropractor or acupuncturist should be able […]

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A New Year for Health

No need to start the new year with the pressure commonly associated with an endless list of resolutions. Instead, just open your mind and assess your overall present health. With an awareness comes a sense of purpose that may genuinely motivate a change in fitness, spine care and nutrition for years to come. […]

Pilates for Whole Body Strength and Flexibility

Pilates is a form of exercise that combines over 500 exercises that work to activate a vast amount of our body’s large and small muscle groups.  Originally, inspired by Joseph Pilates the exercises were developed as a healing method for dancers and their frequent injuries.  Pilates has become a whole body method for improving flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.
Pilates can be taught in […]

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Sleep well and Eating Well Reasearch Shows Are Intimately Tied Together

Who said that sleep is not important or I will sleep when I die…..Well if you sleep more and well you will be more likely to eat well and hence live longer.  Please read the information in the below link.

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Arthritis (What, When, Why, Where and How?)

Please take a look at our video blog on the topic of arthritis by clicking on the link below.

Understanding arthritis related pain can be an important first step in then knowing how to treat specific arthritis related concerns.  Chiropractic, Pilates, acupuncture and massage are a few of the ways that arthritis can be significantly helped.

What is Spleen?

What is Spleen?
Spleen is located behind the stomach below the diaphragm.  In modern medicine spleen is categorized only into an immune system where it filters blood and removes old and damaged red blood cells, bacteria and other particles.  It also produces lymphocytes which is a type of white blood cell.  Some MDs tell their patients […]

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