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Chiropractic and Menstrual Discomfort: A Holistic Approach

        Do you find yourself eating a pint of Yogurtland with a hot pack over your belly, popping Midol, and watching re-runs of The Kardashians once a month? For some of us, this scene is just part of the routine every couple of weeks.  Like clockwork, we are confined to stay in due to cramps, […]

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Low Back Extension Exercises for Disc Herniations

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Headaches and Why Chiropractic is Effective at Treating the Pain

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Sport Injuries and Tips to Making the Most of Sports Activities

It is almost summer and the rise in sports related injuries has become a common thing that Live Well Chiropractic and Pilates Center has encountered in the past month.

A few tips for returning to sports or starting a new sport:

1) Start off right by stretching you back and the large muscle groups attached to […]

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We’re Just The Same

Last week I led my first discussion group on weight & body image issues.  In addition to chiropractic care and it’s importance in our health, I have a real passion for public speaking.  The topic most dear and personal to me relates to obesity and all the other forms of food disorders.  This past Thursday I shared about my 2 decade struggle […]

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FREE Saturday Pilates Reformer Class (9 am Saturdays in April)

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4th of July Healthy and Tasty Popsicles

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Pilates as a Good Form of Exercise for the Over 50 Crowd

There are some good benefits listed in the attached blog article about the benefits of Pilates for the over 50 crowd.  To summarize the benefits include improved flexibility, joint mobility,  bone density, posture/ body awareness, balance and of course low impact exercise for the whole body is always a good thing!  Regardless of your age strengthening your […]

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Insight into Traditional Asian Medicine

Everything in life is relational.   Nothing exists or functions by itself which includes everything from the ecosystem itself down to the mitochondria that power the cells of the human body.

The human form is designed to function according to its blueprints and in fascinating relationship to nature, reflecting certain characteristics of her various elements.  It behaves and responds to various conditions that […]

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Kinesiology Taping and Chiropractic Care

If you watched any of the Summer Olympics you most likely saw many athletes covered in brightly colored tape.  Here at Live Well Chiropractic, I use Kinesio Taping on a regular basis to deal with a wide variety of injuries and conditions.  Often patients have questions about how it helps and what it does.  So […]

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