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About Dr. Julie Foster

Dr. Julie Foster is a dedicated and compassionate doctor who focuses on providing the highest quality chiropractic care. Using a whole person approach she customizes each treatment plan to fit the patient’s health and wellness goals. While relieving pain is often an immediate goal when seeking care, she also coaches her patients with long-term care for their overall fitness and nutrition needs as well. She is trained and certified in Kinesiotaping, an advanced taping technique used to allowing both healing and stabilization over joints and in muscle groups. In addition, she is certified in the Graston technique, a cutting edge soft tissue mobilization practice that can address muscle adhesions, scars and tendinopathies. She has applied both these techniques to all types of patients ranging from those just post-surgical to marathon runners. By combining both diversified technique as well as these additional modalities, she offers a wide range of treatment options. Currently, Dr. Foster is in process of completing her Fellowship with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and is already certified in the Webster Technique. She hopes to provide a place of health and healing to the entire family

Anything can change

The other day, I went to receive a Thai massage at a place I used to frequent before I found the amazing massage therapists at Live Well Chiropractic.  I met up with two of my closest and loving friends for what was sure to be a relaxing evening of pampering.  At this type of massage, they provide […]

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Managing Your Health During the Holidays

There’s a very popular song that states “Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.  In many ways the winter holidays whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, or Kwanzaa, bring an opportunity for all kinds of fun adventures.  We often see friends and family we’ve missed, we find ourselves invited to all kinds of […]

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Health Tips from the Pack Leader

I recently had an opportunity to hear Cesar Milan speak.  Expecting a discussion specifically about getting your dog to stop barking or other not so fun behaviors, I was surprised at his open and honest discussion of his own personal struggles.  He admitted very openly to being depressed following a divorce and the loss of his oldest pack member.   He […]

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A picture’s worth a thousand words

In my former life as an obese woman, I spent a lot of time in denial.  I spent lots of energy avoiding my reflection in mirrors.  I was adept at eluding questions from those who loved me about my health and my lack of attention to it.  I actually was able to navigate chiropractic school […]

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Obesity and Your Back

Obesity has unfortunately become a popular topic within the health industry.  As of 2010, 35% of the adults in the US were considered obese, with costs of treating all the diseases that come with it estimated at $147 billion back in 2008 alone. Conditions commonly associated are Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (high […]

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Happy backs and happy beds

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit the chiroprctor.  When I see new patients for an initial visit, I ask them about their sleeping patterns and whether or not they awaken with pain.  It’s not uncommon for patients to ask me “Do you think it could be my mattress?” 

When we sleep, it is the […]

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What is Functional Assessment?

Getting rid of pain is only part of the job of a chiropractor.  We use adjusting, in a wide variety of styles, as our primary tool to alleviate spinal malpositions and restrictions.  Additionally, many chiropractors incorporate soft tissue therapies to provide a comprehensive treatment plan to deal with everything from simple low back pain to […]

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