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About Dr. Matthew Gloin

Chiropractor Dr. Matthew Gloin has been freeing people from pain and helping people live healthier lives since 2003 in his chiropractic clinic in Los Angeles, California. As a Chiropractor with tremendous experience and compassion he is extremely committed to promoting improved health and well being for his patients. Dr. Gloin uses a “whole person approach” when caring for his patients. He believes that all health issues must to be thoroughly examined and understood in order to optimally improve health. Treating symptoms is not the best way to promote health and as such extra attention must be given to the potential causes of health problems. He makes sure his patients understand their problem(s) so that they may be involved in the treatment and be proactive in the solution.

Spine and Joint Injuries: Wait and See OR Go To Chiropractor?

It has been through years of experience that I have had the opportunity to see patients come to my office with injuries at all different stages of healing.  For example, I have seen new patients who have injured their back on the same day and other new patients who will visit my office for chiropractic […]

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Trigger Points and How To Treat Them Yourself

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Stephen P. Gavin, D.C. (1969 to 2010)

We have lost a dear friend and associate.  We will be forever grateful for his love, humor, healing and the light he brought into each of our lives. We are waiting for the family to make decisions on a “Celebration of Life” ceremony. We will keep you posted.  Before we celebrate a life, we must […]

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Sciatica and Chiropractic as a Treatment Option

Sciatica is a common complaint that many patients describe having.  The term is used often without much greater understanding than simply meaning “I have shooting pain in my low back and/or legs).  The sciatic nerve is the thickest and largest nerve in the body and is actually made up of several branches of nerve roots that […]

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Neck Pain Management

Having neck pain is becoming a more common occurrence in our world of extensive computer usage, driving and desk work. Some of the most familiar neck problems typically involve fatigue of the supporting muscles in the neck, age related degeneration, hyper-mobility, cervical disc herniation, nerve root entrapment and/or muscle imbalance. These issues usually […]

Auto accidents and Chiropractic

Living in Los Angeles has it’s perks, but one of the worst challenges can be dealing with traffic and sometimes even an accident. Simply being a good driver is not always enough to prevent sudden and severe accidents from occurring. If an accident should occur, hopefully it will be minor and allow life to […]

Acupuncture and PMS

By  Charles Yarborough, L.Ac. (Live Well Acupuncturist)

No one ever said being a woman was easy.  And for many women, one of the chief biological challenges is PMS.  Recognizing this fact centuries ago, the Chinese developed a highly specialized tradition of women’s medicine.  In fact, an often-repeated maxim of Chinese medicine is, “To treat one woman […]

Sports Chiropractor

At Live Well Chiropractic we treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems, but some of our favorite issues to treat involve sports related injuries. Why do we like treating these injuries? Well, the reason is that there are many factors that must be considered in properly diagnosing and more importantly in treating a sports related […]

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Core Muscle Training

When people say they want to strengthen their core this usually means that they want better looking abdominal muscles.  Our trunk is made up of six layers of muscle, with the outer most layer consisting of the largest muscle group and the deepest layer having the smallest muscle group.  It is the deeper layers that […]

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Enhance fertility with chiropractic care

Many women feel as if they have tried everything: monitoring cycles through body temperature, over-the-counter fertility predictors, fertility-enhancing drugs and in vitro fertilization. After many attempts at becoming pregnant it makes sense that the frustration can become more than a difficult issue physically, but also emotionally.

Thousands of women each year are […]

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