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Living in Los Angeles has it’s perks, but one of the worst challenges can be dealing with traffic and sometimes even an accident. Simply being a good driver is not always enough to prevent sudden and severe accidents from occurring. If an accident should occur, hopefully it will be minor and allow life to continue without much concern.

Unfortunately, I see people in all varieties of injury and at various stages since the actual accident happened. In this blog post I will speak about what to possibly expect once an accident occurs.

Stage 1: The Accident

Often the accident has occurred with little or no warning and immediately following the impact our body will release adrenaline to help us cope in the state of an emergency situation. This adrenaline will often mask most and/or all of the initial pain related an injury. The adrenaline levels will begin to normalize, but will continue to be found in our blood and have their effect over the next 2 to 10 days. Initially, you will want to briefly examine yourself and others involved for serious and apparent injuries and decide if a trip to the E.R. is necessary. At this time also make note of as much as you can about the details of the accident, others involved and speak with any witnesses and document all that you can gather. If you decide to go home without immediately seeking care it is prudent to then speak with your chiropractor or family doctor to let them know what has happened and to discuss the steps to take for the next 24 hours.

Stage 2: The Next Day Or Week After An Accident

This is when most people will begin feeling pain as the full brunt of the injuries becomes more apparent. Do not miss this invaluable window to seek proper evaluation. Finding and treating an injury in the early stages of healing is much faster and better for you than waiting and either seeking care much later or not at all. Waiting simply allows the formation of scar tissue to occur needlessly in injured muscles and this can lead to chronic pain in the joints an injured regions. I have seen many people who have come to my office for what they believe is non-accident related issues only to discover that their (for example) neck issues are related to lack of treatment months or years ago after having an injury to the same area. Our bodies when not cared for in a specific manner will heal in the way that is simplest and most efficient. This usually results in less range of motion, flexibility and greater ease of re-injury to name a few of the repercussions.

Stage 3: Beginning Treatment

A chiropractor or physical medicine doctor will thoroughly evaluate you in regards to injury or dysfunction as a result of an accident. If the exam shows all that is necessary to make a proper diagnosis then care will be recommended at this point to return your body to ideal function. If the diagnosis is unclear other tests such as x-rays, M.R.I., blood work and/or other tests may be recommended. At Live Well Chiropractic and Pilates Center once the diagnosis has been confirmed the treatment will focus specifically on reducing pain, restoring function and rehabilitating the injured areas in a way that does more than simply treat symptoms, and instead gets to the real cause of the issue.

At Live Well when we treat muscle, nerve, joint or ligament problems this would entail chiropractic care, physical therapy modalities, Pilates rehabilitation sessions, therapeutic massage and/or acupuncture. Each treatment program is tailored to the patient and is constantly adjusted to meet the changing needs of the patient as healing progresses. If the care is not giving the desired results I always refer or will collaborate with other doctors to get the patient better based on their goals and needs.

Auto injuries can affect many things including your ability to work, do routine activities and relationships. Let us help you live a better life by addressing the physical impacts that such an accident has caused.