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Coronavirus Prevention Measures

We wanted to let our clients know that we are doing our best to prevent any spread of germs at LIVE-WELL. We are thoroughly disinfecting door handles, counters, and other commonly touched surfaces during the day and of course, the Pilates reformers and treatment...

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Heart (A Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective)

Heart..! The nonstop auto-self- pump that keeps us live… it’s like flame of fire that burns constantly as long as there is air and material to be consumed… maybe that’s why ancient Traditional medicine practitioners agreed to compare Heart’s characteristics with...

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Trigger Points and How To Treat Them Yourself

Trigger point are tender areas in our muscles that many describe as knots. Trigger points are often the result of overuse of a muscle and their effects can be quite uncomfortable. Treating trigger points often can be done yourself once you are sure that the problem is...

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Therapy…in one of it’s forms

At Live Well Chiropractic and Pilates Center, we offer a variety of physical body therapies to help you function at your best.  Whether it be chiropractic, pilates classes, massage therapy, soft tissue corrective therapy or acupuncture we have a lot to offer you. ...

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Herbs With Healing Properties

Please click on the attached link for some information about some types of herbs and their potential healing properties. Always seek professional advice before starting a new regimen of supplements or herbs as their may be information specific to your condition(s)...

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A New Year for Health

No need to start the new year with the pressure commonly associated with an endless list of resolutions. Instead, just open your mind and assess your overall present health. With an awareness comes a sense of purpose that may genuinely motivate a change in fitness,...

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