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Understanding Headaches, Triggers and Treatment Options

Take a look at the below chart and see if any of the triggers listed are possibly related to your headaches.  Headaches come in many varieties and it is important to first have your headache classified.  Once you have determined the type of headache you have the next step will be to minimize triggers associated with […]

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Chiropractic and Menstrual Discomfort: A Holistic Approach

        Do you find yourself eating a pint of Yogurtland with a hot pack over your belly, popping Midol, and watching re-runs of The Kardashians once a month? For some of us, this scene is just part of the routine every couple of weeks.  Like clockwork, we are confined to stay in due to cramps, […]

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Exhaling for Better Health

Can you ever eliminate stress?   No.  Okay.., how about if you can make your body to reduce the amount of stress it accumulates in your body?


Human beings are mammals which must breathe air to stay live.  Exhaling exhausts the carbon dioxides made in process of breathing, and if it doesn’t get taken out appropriately from […]

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Neck Pain Management

Having neck pain is becoming a more common occurrence in our world of extensive computer usage, driving and desk work. Some of the most familiar neck problems typically involve fatigue of the supporting muscles in the neck, age related degeneration, hyper-mobility, cervical disc herniation, nerve root entrapment and/or muscle imbalance. These issues usually […]

Acupuncture and Depression

 Depression is the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide.  In its most extreme form it leads to a pervading sense of fatigue, worthlessness and guilt along with weight fluctuation, a disturbance in sleep patterns and even thoughts of suicide.   The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that between 20% to 25% of the U.S. population […]

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Five Elements in Acupuncture

Let’s talk about the FIVE ELEMENTS …

Tree, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung and Kidney (another expression: Mok, Hwa, Toh, Geum, Soo)
Liver…. Tree
The reason there is a symbolic pairing between the five elements of Mother Nature and five human organs is mainly to convey the message of interconnectedness between the […]

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Acupuncture At Live Well: The Five Elements Part 2

As an acupuncturist I find the functioning of the human body fascinating.  The below information may enlighten your thoughts on acupuncture or confuse you altogether.  Either way, please know that I am willing and excited to work with you in regards to a wide variety of health related problems.  The maze of discovery for many […]

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Insight into Traditional Asian Medicine

Everything in life is relational.   Nothing exists or functions by itself which includes everything from the ecosystem itself down to the mitochondria that power the cells of the human body.

The human form is designed to function according to its blueprints and in fascinating relationship to nature, reflecting certain characteristics of her various elements.  It behaves and responds to various conditions that […]

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Acupuncture for the Los Angeles Lifestyle

Los Angeles is the most stressful city in the U.S, according to Forbes magazine. Sure, the weather is fine and the Pacific Ocean may spill onto sun-drenched beaches, but we’re often too busy at work to notice. And whether we’re involved in the highly competitive entertainment industry or in technology or personal services, our fast […]

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Liver Imbalance and Acupuncture

This blog article discusses “Liver blood deficiency condition”.

Blood is considered as Yin natured property. If Yang property Qi doesn’t move properly the blood doesn’t move properly and vice versa – Yin Yang balance.

The liver is responsible for about 500 functions all together working as a storage organ, relatively speaking, of blood. Its functions range from […]