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Mother’s Day at Live Well Chiropractic and Pilates Center

A New Year for Health

No need to start the new year with the pressure commonly associated with an endless list of resolutions. Instead, just open your mind and assess your overall present health. With an awareness comes a sense of purpose that may genuinely motivate a change in fitness, spine care and nutrition for years to come. […]

Pilates for Whole Body Strength and Flexibility

Pilates is a form of exercise that combines over 500 exercises that work to activate a vast amount of our body’s large and small muscle groups.  Originally, inspired by Joseph Pilates the exercises were developed as a healing method for dancers and their frequent injuries.  Pilates has become a whole body method for improving flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.
Pilates can be taught in […]

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Arthritis (What, When, Why, Where and How?)

Please take a look at our video blog on the topic of arthritis by clicking on the link below.

Understanding arthritis related pain can be an important first step in then knowing how to treat specific arthritis related concerns.  Chiropractic, Pilates, acupuncture and massage are a few of the ways that arthritis can be significantly helped.


Treating Cause Versus Symptoms in Shoulder Injuries

Treating the cause of pain involves more exploration and diagnostic skill, but the benefits of finding the real issue can mean the difference between having the problem again or not.  Shoulder issues are no exception to this in that often the symptoms of pain are localized to the shoulder joint, but the source of dysfunction […]

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Improve the Way Your Neck Feels With Added Flexibility and Strength

It is important to note that within the confines of any spinal/ joint injury whether it involves the neck or another spinal region where there is sufficient injury to the spinal musculature or ligaments, an alteration of the normal primary and secondary curvatures of the spine may occur.  With a change in curvature this renders an abnormal spinal structural relationship […]

Neck Pain Management

Having neck pain is becoming a more common occurrence in our world of extensive computer usage, driving and desk work. Some of the most familiar neck problems typically involve fatigue of the supporting muscles in the neck, age related degeneration, hyper-mobility, cervical disc herniation, nerve root entrapment and/or muscle imbalance. These issues usually […]

FREE Saturday Pilates Reformer Class (9 am Saturdays in April)


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Pilates as a Good Form of Exercise for the Over 50 Crowd

There are some good benefits listed in the attached blog article about the benefits of Pilates for the over 50 crowd.  To summarize the benefits include improved flexibility, joint mobility,  bone density, posture/ body awareness, balance and of course low impact exercise for the whole body is always a good thing!  Regardless of your age strengthening your […]

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Liver Imbalance and Acupuncture

This blog article discusses “Liver blood deficiency condition”.

Blood is considered as Yin natured property. If Yang property Qi doesn’t move properly the blood doesn’t move properly and vice versa – Yin Yang balance.

The liver is responsible for about 500 functions all together working as a storage organ, relatively speaking, of blood. Its functions range from […]