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When Live Well was being established five years ago there was a focus on creating a place where many could come to heal their muscle, joint, nerve and ligament problems naturally.  We feel that by having chiropractic care, pilates rehabilitation classes and exercise classes along with massage and acupuncture we have revived the opportunity for people to find the best care for their problems at a cost that is affordable, natural and easily accessible.

What we have learned since opening is that patients are more proactive about their health than we ever thought.  Approximately 85-95% of patients that we have worked with over the years have the immediate preference of wanting natural health care such as what Live Well offers before trying medications, injections or surgery for their complaints.

We are also thrilled that so many people are searching for a doctor that will work with the patient in a team approach that involves everything from treatment decisions to challenging the knowledge of the doctor on new care options.  Our therapists often communicate the results of their sessions to the chiropractor so that on re-examination a broader picture is created for the patient to understand what helps most and where to go with further care if necessary.  At Live Well the chiropractors, pilates instructors, massage therapists and acupuncturist enjoy the group healing approach as each provider has their own talents, intuition and knowledge on healing that adds opportunity for change in the patient.

If there is a spectrum of health care for spine related issues that at one end has spinal surgery as the extreme and over the counter ointments for a back issue at the other extreme then chiropractic care is centered in a good position at mid-line to help a lot of people.

At Live Well we feel that careful examination must be done to diagnose a problem so that the best treatment plan can be discussed.  If a patient seems to be beyond our abilities for care in terms of injury we will always want to refer to a specialist outside our office.  We do not profess to be experts of all issues, but we do know that not all issues will respond in the same way to care and as a result non-invasive health care options for most are the best place to start.

If you have a health related problem that you would like to discuss with one of our specialists please feel free to contact our office to schedule a consultation.