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There is a lot of questions to consider when looking for a new chiropractor/ pilates studio/ massage therapist or acupuncturist.  The questions that we often hear from those living in and around Los Angeles are:

1) Do you have same day appointments and what are your hours? Yes, same day appointments are available!  Simply call (323-930-9355) or email us info@livewell-la.com and we will find a time that suits you.  Chiropractic is offered on M, W, F and Saturdays from 8:30 am to 7 pm during the week and until 4 pm on weekends.  Pilates is available 7 days a week and we have a large variety of class times to choose from.  To schedule a private session please call our office directly and we will book your preferred time and reserve an instructor for you.  Massage is available M,W, F and Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm.  Acupuncture is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-7 pm.

2) What will my insurance cover? (This depends on the policy that you have, but please call us at 323-930-9355 and we will gladly look into it and call you back right away with the details.  If there is no insurance coverage we offer a “Time of Service” discount which basically means that you pay a lower price for making your payment out of pocket on the date you come in for care)

3) Where are you located? (2 blocks east of Fairfax and 2 blocks west of Hauser on the north side of the street)

4) Is there parking?  Yes, parking is easy and free on the adjacent side streets or there is metered parking in front of our office.

5) Will the doctor be taking x-rays?  This depends on the injury or problem that you come in for.  If the doctor feels that additional information may be needed about your condition he/she may request this, but it is not our regular procedure to have all patients get x-rays.

6)  How often do I need to come?  For chiropractic this will be discussed with you on your first visit.  But the doctors here will explain that in addition to recommendations they have for your care you will play a big part in the decision making.  Your goals for short term, long term relief or just immediate relief from a one-time issue are important in planning care.  For pilates we have classes and private sessions our instructors recommend that 2-3x/wk will be necessary to make a strength/ flexibility change in most people (if no other exercise is being done regularly)

7) Do your therapists work together to communicate their findings to the other therapists?  We do have the unique advantage over other offices in that we document the goals and responses to each therapy so that when a patient sees the chiropractor and then does a private pilates session the therapist will have the ability to understand the background of injuries and make a treatment plan focused on specific goals.

If you have any other suggested questions that you would like to see listed here in regards to chiropractic, pilates, massage or acupuncture please feel free to send us a message at info@livewell-la.com or give us a call at 323-930-9355 and we will be happy to speak with you.