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Can you ever eliminate stress?   No.  Okay.., how about if you can make your body to reduce the amount of stress it accumulates in your body?


Human beings are mammals which must breathe air to stay live.  Exhaling exhausts the carbon dioxides made in process of breathing, and if it doesn’t get taken out appropriately from our system it remain in our blood stream to cause lower blood oxygen pressure which will result in deterioration of kidney renal system not to mention the fact that it is toxic to our body.

Proper and plenty amount of exhaling will exhaust carbon dioxides in human body increasing oxygen pressure in blood stream enhancing renal function which will support liver’s function through kidney’s blood cleaning function and hormone production function.  In Traditional Medicine perspective, kidney’s Yin essence nurtures liver’s Yin which will control Liver’s Yang Qi(energy) from rising in which will trigger blood pressure rise and other liver stressed conditions and ailments.  What I’m trying to communicate here is that ‘Exhaling’ is the key to controlling your stress!  ‘IT BRINGS DOWN STRESS LEVEL!!!’

What I’m claiming here is that practice of ‘Intentional Exhaling’ will help a person to reduce stress in substantial amount on a minute by minute basis and stay healthy overall.  Intentional Exhaling will also slow down person’s aging process because it  will help kidney to function more efficiently helping it to do its work easier – you’re letting out more toxins out of your body, and you’re not getting stressed out as much.

The combination of cortisol hormone buildup in our body due to stress and buildup of carbon dioxide with lack of exhaling can’t be good for our system.

Now, let’s look at technique of exhaling.  According to Yin Yang theory, an exhaling is considered as Yang energy, letting- out force, in relation to inhaling, letting-in force.  It is not good to let your yang energy to go out of your body in an abrupt fashion, meaning fast blowout of air.  It should be done in a steady and easy manner.

Intentional exhaling technique will help you lose weight, too.  The reason being if kidney renal system works at an optimal level it enhances our metabolism mechanic as well resulting in weight loss.  We say regular exercise raise our metabolism, right?  Why?  It’s because exercise boosts lung energy to be strong and execute oxygen/carbon dioxide transfusion process at a more robust level which results in helping kidney with its own renal function, and our metabolism is directly tied with kidney function.  So, this very intentional exhaling routine will create virtual exercise effect to our lung – kidney operation!

In conclusion, intentional exhaling will give a person a healthier constitution through releasing of stress, slowing down of aging process and raising metabolism to lose weight.  All in all, it is a secret to healthier daily living.