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Let’s talk about the FIVE ELEMENTS …

Tree, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung and Kidney (another expression: Mok, Hwa, Toh, Geum, Soo)
Liver…. Tree
The reason there is a symbolic pairing between the five elements of Mother Nature and five human organs is mainly to convey the message of interconnectedness between the organs and nature’s five elements.
In general, a tree has a definite characteristic of stretching out or branching out in nature and the liver shares the same symbolic quality in its function whereby storing necessary blood quantities and allocating it accordingly. Liver also produces a number of different enzymes such as bile for the gallbladder (metabolizing proteins, carbohydrates and lipids). It’s not difficult to co-relate the two at this point. Simply put, there will be some definite problems if there aren’t adequate amounts of transformed blood allocations taking place with the various organs of our body in a timely manner, and that’s the main function of a healthy liver.
In observance of this stretching personality of the tree the liver is understood as an organ that is the most responsive to emotional stimulants mainly anger, sadness and depression. As the most common emotionally triggered symptoms there are Liver Yang Rising, Liver Fire(wind), Liver Qi stagnation and Liver Yin deficiency(blood).
There are many reasons why certain issues rise. Liver Yang Rising occurs mainly due to relatively low Liver Yin level (this could be because liver yin is simply deficient or kidney being its mother figure supporting its yin, it could be kidney yin deficiency that caused liver yin deficiency)– it’s always about Balanced Status of being. Some of the related symptoms and conditions are headaches, tinnitus, convulsion, epilepsy, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, hemorrhoids, meniere’s disease. As I have expressed in my earlier article, Yin is the more of ‘Absorbent’ quality compared to Yang so when Yang energy rises it basically means that Yin is relatively weak or low which results in relatively – rising of the Yang, and the above mentioned conditions portrays ‘surplus’ or ‘excessive’ energy quality in nature.
On the other hand, Liver Fire comes about when there is Superior Excessive amount of Yang energy due to strong emotional stimulant such as abrupt anger or accumulated emotional stress which generates fire quality within the Liver and eventually manifests itself both acutely and chronically not only in liver, heart and spleen but also provides counter control effects to lung and kidney. The related conditions are fever, acne, hypertension, dizziness, dysuria, insomnia, neurasthenia, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroiditis, tinnitus, bronchiectasis and gallstones.
Liver is an organ that’s very sensitive to emotions – in another words, very responsive to emotions. It is crucial to control our emotions in order to maintain health of our liver. I will discuss a couple more conditions on the liver in my next article.