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With heart Qi deficiency.., we have observed energy related conditions of heart.

Now let’s discuss Heart Blood deficiency.  As we all know the heart is a cancer-free organ mainly because it moves constantly by its nature.  Likewise, as a well would flow ceaselessly if able to not become contaminated.  Heart’s main job is pumping blood for circulation purpose and this keeps it from acquiring the ill effects that stagnation will create.


Now, what if there is decrease in blood quantity entering heart’s right atrium? (Liver-Heart relation).  As a result the heart would try to pump faster to accommodate an adequate blood amount into system which will trigger palpitation, dizziness, cold hands, decrease in menses, dull pale complexion due to lack of blood and extra stress it puts on itself.  There also will be dream disturbed sleep and insomnia for the heart is a Yin organ that calms the spirit of a person by stabilizing heart’s rhythm through receiving enough blood quantity into both atriums and ventricles of the heart.


The health of our body and mind are connected.  It is well known fact that much of modern day ailments are psychosomatic.  Heart’s blood condition connects with the mind – “Shen.”     A person who has heart blood deficiency will have a hard time falling asleep.  Although, once asleep the matter of staying asleep is controlled by the kidney Yin energy  (to be discussed later with next article).  Other psychological effects of heart blood deficiency are confusion, anxiousness, memory lapses, tearfulness, guilt and being easily startled.

The heart and all your other bodily functions are the basis of my work as an acupuncturist.  Upon examination I will look for discrepancies in health function via a thorough diagnosis.  Understanding the cause of disease will then direct the care.   Please feel free to speak with me about your health and I hope to provide you with information and ways to heal.


Tim Lee, L.Ac.