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Recently I had a chance to treat couple patients with acute heart issues.
One patient went to an amusement park and got coerced to ride in one of the rides. The result was pain in rib cage front and back with difficulty inhaling. The Patient was extremely scared! The other case is on extreme upset condition during an office meeting during menstruation period.

The both cases influenced patients’ heart condition as you can imagine… The second case resulted with eye lid twitching, heart palpitation, facial blushing and rough breathing, not to mention, rising tension on back of patient’s neck. This particular case resulted with heart related symptoms because anger triggered liver yang energy soaring instantaneously causing adrenaline hormone level shoot up fast overpowering heart energy increasing heart rate and triggering other previously mentioned symptoms.
Heart’s energy must be working at a steady pace in order to maintain basic homeostasis status of our body. Being extremely scared will cause a condition with either heart itself or pericardium. Anger also can affect either or both organs. Acupuncture treatment can easily sedate these sorts of emotion surges with couple of needles. Another way to handle the situation is lots of EXHALING ! Exhaling lets out carbon dioxides out of blood stream helping kidney renal system to be more robust resulting in lowering blood pressure and calming the heart energy.