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It is important to note that within the confines of any spinal/ joint injury whether it involves the neck or another spinal region where there is sufficient injury to the spinal musculature or ligaments, an alteration of the normal primary and secondary curvatures of the spine may occur.  With a change in curvature this renders an abnormal spinal structural relationship to which it has been accustomed, and thus can cause abnormal stress to the discs involved.  Additionally, any deviation from the normal articular physiology consists of alterations in synovial tissues, and changes in the intra-articular metabolism.  The former leads to quantitative and qualitative disturbances of the exchange equilibrium; the latter results in deficient nutrition to the affected joint cartilage.  The spinal fibrocartilagenous discs are non-exclusionary.  All of this results in premature degenerative changes in those soft tissues and osseous structures along with the normal spinal structure that will be affected through the inevitable structural derangements.  This is in accordance with Wolf’s Law that states, “For every change in form and function of bone or it’s function alone, there are certain internal architectural changes which take place.”

The above statement is heavy on words, but simply stated spinal injuries will have consequences beyond pain which may include change of function.  Therapy is necessary to improve the function of the spine and restore the spine to its fullest potential.  Chiropractic, massage, pilates and acupuncture are some non-invasive ways to make the changes your body needs.