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For some women the issue of infertility can be a daunting task that may have occurred in a family from one generation to the next.  Traditional Chinese medicine has been offering balanced explanations and resolutions to the subject for over a thousand years!

Now, if I may compare a woman’s uterus to farming soil it will be easier to relate and understand traditional Chinese medicine’s approach to the issue of infertility.

In order for soil to be suited to farming there needs to be plentiful moisture, sunlight, nutrients, clean air and an ideal temperature – having a good seed is another matter…

In the woman’s body, and the uterus to be specific, the conditions for pregnancy must be suited as well for optimal success.  The main organs involved in pregnancy from an Eastern medicine perspective include the kidney, liver and spleen.  These organs must work in balance if they are ever to achieve the goal of pregnancy.  As such, the spleen’s role is in blood regulation (yang energy) for maintaining optimal temperature of the uterus.  Next, the kidney’s robust renal filtration system works in conjunction with the lung’s diffusing capacity(yin/yang balance) to determine the conception power of the uterus.  The kidney’s “essence” (yin) when working fully helps to hold the embryo beyond 8 weeks and throughout the pregnancy.  Finally, the liver performs over 500 blood transformation related works (Qi / yin) and this is essential  for the uterus to harvest it’s fruit.

The above analogy may sound confusing, but as in farming when the conditions of the environment match the needs for growth the result is success.  In traditional Chinese Medicine/ Acupuncture practice, I will examine thoroughly the conditions of your body to determine where the needs of my work need to be concentrated.  The result of regular acupuncture care can harmonize your body’s function and allow it to become the best “soil” needed for pregnancy.

Acupuncture care will vary from one person to the next depending on what organ(s) are being limited.  As a result the specific formula of acupuncture points and herbal formulas will as individual as the person being treated.  For more information about Acupuncture and its benefits please feel free to contact me with your questions at info@livewell-la.com.

Tim Lee, L.Ac.