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Everything in life is relational.   Nothing exists or functions by itself which includes everything from the ecosystem itself down to the mitochondria that power the cells of the human body.

The human form is designed to function according to its blueprints and in fascinating relationship to nature, reflecting certain characteristics of her various elements.  It behaves and responds to various conditions that manifest in its surrounding environments and in itself.  It constantly and meticulously realigns, regenerates, repairs, and replenishes its components in order to function properly and stay balanced.

Traditional Asian Medicine, also known as TCM, has been founded on nature’s holistic protocol working with the human body to create a balanced state of well being.   For an example since we’re warm blooded animals, our body temperature needs to stay warm at somewhere around 97-98.6 degrees F  in order to maintain a normal homeostasis activities.  There are two main circulatory systems in our body to govern its every moment of operation – the blood system and lymphatic system.  If there’s enough shift either in body temperature or homeostasis activities, the body immediately tries to come back to its normal state.  In TCM practice, we call this juggling work of the body Yin Yang balancing.  Yin is symbolized as negative charge (-) and Yang positive charge (+).  For diagnostic purposes, we categorize these activities with eight terms:  Yin/Yang, Excessive/Deficient, Heat/Cold, and Internal/External.  These terms seem like very simple expressions, but they are the essentials of Eight Principles Diagnosis practice which gives the practitioner the larger picture on a patient’s condition.

So, how does an acupuncture treatment help patients’ condition? 

As we know there are currents in our oceans, currents in the air, and mantle currents inside of earth, all of them constantly circulating on their course powered by energy fields for the purpose of maintaining earth’s equilibrium state.  Our body also has this grid of energy fields mapped out for transporting energy from one organ to another called the Meridians.  There are over 360 tested and approved Meridian points with a formula of points that treat various kinds of ailments.  It works like electrical currents traveling via a wire system connecting and communicating one peripheral to another.  It’s been practiced for thousands of years by TCM practitioners with proven track records and protocols which are approved by the World Health Organization.

In conclusion, acupuncture treatments are based on over a thousand years of academic practice of trial and error that resulted in a meridian system.  By utilizing this system, acupuncture treatments help our body to realign, regenerate, repair and replenish to come to a balanced-energy-state of a whole being.