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If you watched any of the Summer Olympics you most likely saw many athletes covered in brightly colored tape.  Here at Live Well Chiropractic, I use Kinesio Taping on a regular basis to deal with a wide variety of injuries and conditions.  Often patients have questions about how it helps and what it does.  So let’s take a look at its benefits and uses.

Kinesiology taping (KT) is unlike other traditional athletic taping.  In year’s past, taping was used to decrease movement and stabilize a joint.  Often this would not only restrict range of motion but even decrease circulation in the area.  The use of KT reaches far beyond that.  The tape itself is lightweight and allows for free movement of the joint.  It’s put directly to the skin and can be worn for several days until it begins to peel off.  It’s particularly great for aquatic athletes because it stays on in water and can also withstand sweat and regular showering.

It’s uses are varied.  One of its most important uses is to either activate or inhibit a certain muscle.  The tension within the tape in addition to the direction of application affects the nervous system and all the tissues that surroud it.  Kinesiology taping can also be used to reduce inflammation as well.  It can increase circulation where applied and therefore helps the body filter out inflammatory by-products.  Using this modality in conjunction with chiropractic care gets patients healing faster and allows for full adjustments at the same time.

The list of conditions that it can be used to treat is long.   But I’ve frequently used in in whiplash injuries, sprain and strains of low back, neck, and especially ankles.  It is extremely helpful in treating tendinitis as well as chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, groin strains, and shin splints.

There are several different brands of tape including Kinesio Tape, Rock Tape and others.  No matter which tape is used, its important that your practitioner be trained in its proper application.   You may be amazed at the quick results all while you don’t even notice that you are wearing it.