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This blog article discusses “Liver blood deficiency condition”.

Blood is considered as Yin natured property. If Yang property Qi doesn’t move properly the blood doesn’t move properly and vice versa – Yin Yang balance.

The liver is responsible for about 500 functions all together working as a storage organ, relatively speaking, of blood. Its functions range from transforming to detoxification of blood.  The liver can reproduce its body autonomously and it takes a lot to see significant symptoms of its malfunctioning condition. As we have discussed on a previous blog article the liver is a highly emotionally sensitive organ, which means it responds quickly to emotional factors, and acupuncture focuses on this aspect of liver health for preventive and healing benefits.

Some of the early symptoms of liver dysfunction include dizziness, tinnitus, pale facial complexion, muscle weakness, day and night vision complaints, joint stiffness and/ or a decrease in menstruation quantity.  Liver blood deficiency can be triggered through simple Liver Qi stagnation which could be caused by emotional factors or as a complication from spleen Yang (Qi) deficiency.

If you spend your day highly focused or the burden of worry is close to your consciousness on a regular basis you may be affecting your liver function in a negative manner.  An acupuncture evaluation and care by Tim Lee, L.Ac. at Live Well Chiropractic and  Pilates Center may be an excellent, non-invasive way for you to assess your health and better understand where your symptoms are coming from and how best to treat them.  At Live Well Chiropractic and Pilates Center there is a variety of treatment options available ranging from acupuncture, chiropractic, pilates and massage.   Whether you would like care for suspected liver dysfunction, back pain, nutrition issue or weight loss and/or  postural strength and rehabilitation we are ready to help.

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