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Acupuncture for Stress: How Does it Work?

Los Angeles may be the entertainment capital of the world but it is also the most stressed-out city in America. And there are lots of reasons why. According to a 2011 Forbes Magazine study, Los Angeles offers not only the highest national ozone levels but the third-worst traffic congestion in the country. Forbes adds the high cost of living and rampant job uncertainty to this mix of stressors when awarding Los Angeles its top position on the dubious list.

No one who lives in Los Angeles needs Forbes to convince them that peace of mind is a rare commodity. That’s why a stress management program is essential to surviving in L.A. As many people will attest, a healthy immune system and pain-free life depend on it.

Numerous Angelenos incorporate acupuncture into their stress management regimens. They know that–aside from providing an alternative to medications–acupuncture can help restore a sense of well-being, even when the world tells you there’s nothing to be happy about. How exactly does this happen? Acupuncture accomplishes this through the release of endorphins and the modulation of blood pressure. It can also decrease headaches as well as shoulder pain and tightness, all of which come with a stressful lifestyle. While the ancient Chinese may not have predicted inner city traffic jams, environmental pollutants and stock market crashes, they understood that emotional and physical stress are destructive to the immune system and that overcoming them can bring enhanced vitality and peace of mind