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Gustavo Saccomano

Gustavo is a certified massage therapist with training in Swedish Massage, Anatomy, Physiology, and Sports Massage from the California Healing Arts College. He has been helping clients achieve their goals with Dr. Gloin for more than 10 years. In his native Argentina, Gustavo studied and practiced dance and worked with dancers and professional body builders to improve their performance and flexibility. Through such training and client experiences Gustavo has learned to adjust his approach to each client’s individual short-term and long-term goals, whether they are, for example, to improve performance, increase flexibility, reduce pain, or recover from injury.  One of Gustavo’s clients for more than 10 years is a professor of Medicine at UCLA. He shares “Before I started working with Gustavo I had severe lower back pain and frequent muscle spasms. Through twice weekly massage and focused stretching with him, the improvement in my quality of life, and the reduction in my pain, has been remarkable, even as I have aged another decade. I highly recommend and trust him!”

Leisha Anders

Leisha Anders, CMT Leisha has been a Certified Soft Tissue Therapist for over 20 years. She has taught Anatomy and Eastern Modalities at a holistic institute while continuing to work with others. She has supported many while working in hospitals, clinics, chiropractic, and osteopath offices around the U.S.  She has practiced sports massage to support athletes with rehab and injury, lymphatic massage to support cancer patients, and Chi Nei Tsang to support those with digestive issues. She teaches meditation classes in Los Angeles and Dallas area so she stays connected. The meditation also feeds her spirit so she can stay present and support each individual with the specific needs they desire. She loves what she does!

Arnold Moran

Arnold has been a great addition to Live Well in 2020.  He has worked for years at The Montage (Beverly Hills) and The Ritz Carlton (Los Angeles) and has brought his special and adaptable skills as a soft tissue specialist to our office.  He can do light or deep work and is happy to customize your session to suit your needs.