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Having neck pain is becoming a more common occurrence in our world of extensive computer usage, driving and desk work. Some of the most familiar neck problems typically involve fatigue of the supporting muscles in the neck, age related degeneration, hyper-mobility, cervical disc herniation, nerve root entrapment and/or muscle imbalance. These issues usually take time to develop and become evident with symptoms of discomfort or pain.

Managing a neck problem first involves determining the cause of the complaint via a thorough examination. The cause may involve many factors and even distant bodily areas such as lower body flexibility. Once the neck problem and it’s sources are understood the best treatment plan can be devised. Whenever possible most doctors will select conservative and non-invasive therapies such as chiropractic care, physical therapy and/ or medication as the initial approach for care and save more invasive options for later if these should not provide the desired result.

I believe that the patient must be intimately involved in deciding what plan of care they prefer. I have seen patients who have had great determination change a poor diagnosis on it’s head with consistent rehabilitation and associated therapies. I have also seen the patient who does not want to commit to therapy and may have been better served if more invasive options had been explained earlier rather than watching such a patient suffer longer than necessary.

In today’s world of technology and medical advances we no longer have the question of “what can we do for this person”. Instead the greater question is “what available option is best for the person and their unique set of circumstances”.

At Live Well we offer a range of conservative therapies for patients who are suffering with issues that are in need of management. Following an examination where conservative therapy is suitable we recommend either a course of chiropractic care, Pilates rehabilitation, acupuncture or massage therapy. Usually the recommendation is a combination of services that produce the results of improved joint movement, balanced flexibility and significant postural strength.

If you are interested in having a health concern examined and discussing treatment options please consider making an appointment to see our chiropractor, Matthew Gloin, D.C.. Please call (323) 930-9355 or email info@livewell-la.com for help in scheduling an initial consultation and examination.