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What to expect at Live Well Chiropractic and Pilates Center in Los Angeles, CA best classes for back pain.
BACK FIT is a class designed to focus on core and back muscle strengthening for those with prior back pain and those who would like to prevent it! In this 55 min class, the instructor will teach you exercises aimed at stabilizing the areas of your spine that are most prone to weakness and structural injury or problems. We want the students to gain an understanding of the primary exercises that we teach to our chiropractic and chronic back pain patients. We hope that you will take what you learn from the class and apply it to your own regimen of strengthening and stretching.
This class is good for everyBODY. We will focus on techniques aimed at releasing tension in areas prone to muscle and joint tightness. There may be the use of foam rollers, lacrosse balls and other tools to aid in releasing muscles. This class will be in the Pilates studio but will focus less on strength as in our other Pilates classes and instead on helping to improve joint function through deep stretch based movements. With all the activity many people are involved with it is important to spend time restoring the structures that are contracted and restricted.