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With 2012 now fully underway there are a few changes that we have implemented to our pilates schedule that you may be excited to hear about. First of all we have added an “Unlimited Pilates” classes option to our price list. So that for those who want come all the time there is now a way to do it with one fee of $225/month. The option can be purchased via our website, over the phone or in-person. The period of use for this option is from the date of purchase until the same date the following month (ie. if you bought the unlimited sessions on the 4th the package would extend until the 4th of the following month). For those who want to come less frequently or prefer to spend less we still offer for purchase individual classes ($35/ session), 10 pack ($250), 20 pack ($450) and 50 pack ($1000) and all these have two year expirations, that will allow plenty of time to use them at your own pace.

We have also added some new classes to our schedule that include:
Thursday at 7 pm “Boot Camp” (taught by Crystal)
Wednesday at 10 am “Lean & Mean” (taught by Michelle)
Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am and 12 pm “Lean & Mean” (taught by Michelle)
(please note that instructors are subject to change)

As always there is a free coupon that can be downloaded from the homepage of the website to get you into your initial class for free. If you are considering trying reformer based pilates classes or would like some more information please contact our office at 323-930-WELL or by email info@livewell-la.com.