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If you’ve ever taken a Pilates class at Live Well Chiropractic, you know that several of our instructors have roots in the world of dance and theater. One of those instructors, Michael Crotty, will be featured in the upcoming season of the renowned L.A. Contemporary Dance Company, and we hope you’ll have a chance to go see him. On November 17-20, the company, which Live Fast Magazine calls “L.A.’s hottest dancers,” will present an evening of original works that radically reinterpret traditional folktales and turn cultural archetypes on their head. Michael has been a member of the company for six years, performing at the Dorothy Chandler, Ford Amphitheater, USC’s Bovard Auditorium, The Broad Stage in Santa Monica with the Montreal Symphony as well as venues across the states and Western Europe.

With performing chops like these, you’d think Michael’s Pilates classes would be suitable only for highly experienced students. But the opposite is true, as his popularity attests.

Says Michael, “In my class everybody advances at their own pace. That’s because I teach on two levels at once: the class as a whole has its momentum, and within that, I guide each person according to their own ability.” Michael stresses the real-world application of Pilates. “The techniques I teach,” he says, “translate to the outside world. I challenge the mind and body. Students learn to move efficiently and with more control in their everyday lives.”

Through the training of deep abdominal “core” muscles, together with proper body placement and enhanced breathing, students enliven their awareness to achieve full body connectivity and strength. Michael’s classes are useful not only for keeping in top shape and for rehabilitation, but also as a key element in weight management. Says Michael, “Through consistent practice that includes my personalized approach, people find they can reach their weight goals. You needn’t be a professional dancer to look and feel great. It just takes work and I’ll show you how.”

For more information about the L.A. Contemporary Dance Company’s season, please visit www.LAContemporaryDance.org. To see Michael’s Pilates schedule, please visit www.livewell-la.com