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Pilates is an alternate approach to total body conditioning. It focuses on development of core musculature including the abdomen, low back, inner and outer thighs and buttocks, thus providing a strong base of postural support and reducing stress on the spine and weight bearing joints. Through smooth integrated movement patterns, utilizing various resistance and less repetition, numerous muscle groups work simultaneously to increase strength while producing long, lean musculature without added bulk.

Pilates is a versatile form of exercise that works deeply into the muscle through concentration, breathing and controlled movement. Live Well offers Pilates as a form of fitness training and as a means of performing therapeutic exercise for rehabilitation. One on one instruction is provided for healthy individuals seeking Pilates as an alternate form of exercise.

Individual rehabilitation programs in the Pilates studio and adjacent therapy rooms are established for injured persons based on medical necessity, and are carried out under the direction and supervision of the chiropractor at our Los Angeles based Pilates studio.

Privates can be arranged whenever a class is not in session, please call to schedule your preferred time.

Group Pilates Reformer Classes

Initial Class FREE* Download coupon
Single Class $35
10 Classes $299
20 Classes $499
50 Classes $1100

(please note: 10, 20 and 50 class packages do not expire)
*Free initial Pilates class only valid if coupon is presented at time of purchase.

2-Weeks Unlimited Pilates Classes $169
1-Month Unlimited Pilates Classes $269
3-Months Unlimited Pilates Classes $239 / month

 6-Months Unlimited Pilates Classes                             $219/ month

(please note: “unlimited” options cannot be paused during the active period) 

Private Pilates Sessions:

Individual $85 / hour
Duet $50 / person / hour
Up-To-Speed (3 Private Pilates Sessions) $250
5 Private Pilates Sessions $399
10 Private Pilates Sessions $729
(discounts available for first time clients)  Please inquire if you are eligible for this discount


(please note: Rehabilitation sessions in the Pilates studio are unique and different from Private Pilates sessions and involve coordination with the chiropractor and therapist(s). To receive customized rehabilitation, please first schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors for a thorough evaluation and to then discuss a treatment approach.)