At Live Well we offer you a dynamic variety of group Pilates classes and private Pilates sessions to choose from. Each class is geared to a specific ability level and you can find anything from beginner Pilates classes to boot camp style classes, 7 days a week.


This Pilates class is perfect for the beginner in need of understanding the classical principles of Pilates movement, alignment and breathing. An opportunity to understand your body’s connectivity and ALIGNMENT while still experiencing a challenging and firming workout. Even for the advanced student it is always beneficial to revisit the basics periodically for a refresher course.

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Boot CampBoot Camp Pilates

The boot camp of Pilates – challenging, outrageously fun and dynamic for those who want to sweat and take their stamina and endurance to another level. Weights and various props are used and adjusted to clients individual needs.

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lean and meanLean & Mean

This high energy class highlights fitness, form and fun. The time spent in this class will focus on challenging and improving your core muscle strength, alignment and endurance. The result will be a sculpting of all the long muscle groups and supporting postural muscles.

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pilates and stretchPilates & Stretch

Designed to balance strength and alignment while also incorporating various stretching techniques. This class will deliver high intensity core conditioning with classical Pilates work while targeting all postural muscle groups. A restorative class for the tight-of-body focusing on sculpting long, lean muscles.

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real routineThe Real Routine

Intermediate and Advanced students focus on dedication to proper alignment, breathing, rhythm and transitions of the work. This class will challenge and improve your core muscle strength, alignment and endurance. Magic circles, jumping boards, therabands and other props are often incorporated.

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cardioCardio Pilates

This class is energetic, fun and full or exciting ways to get your heart rate up while also learning new and supportive ways to increase postural endurance, strength and overall body flexibility.  This class also maintains correct Pilates form and foundational movements to keep your core muscle groups challenged and engaged throughout the hour long class.

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stretchPilates and Stretch/Contraction

This class while utilizing many Pilates movements also has a strong focus in elongating the principle muscle groups and restoring symmetrical movement to our joints.  Stretch/ contract, breathing and manual loosening of the fascia, muscles, ligaments that lose elasticity and flexibility with daily life will be challenged to open up our bodies for optimal movement and function.  People who take this class often say how “everyone needs this regardless of age and ability”.

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