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Pilates Class Descriptions

At Live Well we offer you a dynamic variety of group Pilates classes and private Pilates sessions to choose from. Each class is geared to a specific ability level and you can find anything from beginner Pilates classes to boot camp style classes, 7 days a week.

Pilates Class
Pilates Basics class


This class is perfect for the beginner who would like to focus on understanding the classical principles of Pilates movement, alignment, posture, breathing and the use of the reformer. An opportunity to understand your body’s connectivity and ALIGNMENT while still experiencing a challenging and firming workout. Even for the advanced student it is always beneficial to revisit the basics periodically for a refresher course to bring mental and physical awareness to the primary areas of postural support and focus.

Pilates and Weights Fusion Class

Pilates and Weights Fusion

This class is a fun combination of strength, stretch and sweat! Using the Pilates reformer, body bar, free weights and jump board to strengthen the core, align and mobilize the joints and improve endurance.  We flow through higher intensity intervals alternating with passive stretching and isometric exercises.  Come and try the class and enjoy the results.
Pilates Lean & Mean Class

Lean & Mean

This high energy class highlights fitness, form and fun. The time spent in this class will focus on challenging and improving your core muscle strength, alignment and endurance. The result will be a sculpting of all the long muscle groups and supporting postural muscles.

Pilates The Real Routine II Class

The Real Routine II

This is an advanced level class geared more towards a seasoned Pilates student. These classes have a heavy traditional Pilates emphasis with focus on proper alignment, breathing and transitions of the work. Modifications will be given for those with injuries, but you are expected to know the basics and have a comfortable understanding of the reformer. Magic circles, jumping boards, therabands and other props are often incorporated.

Pilates Back Fit Class

Back Fit

Back Fit is a class designed to focus on core and back muscle strengthening for those with prior back pain and those who would like to prevent it! In this 55 min class the instructor will teach you exercises aimed at stabilizing the areas of your spine that are most prone to weakness and structural injury or problems.  We want the students to gain and understanding of the primary exercises that we teach to our chiropractic and chronic back pain patients.  We hope that you will take what you learn from the class and apply it to your own regimen of strengthening and stretching.

Pilates Jump Board Fusion Class

Jump Board Fusion

Looking for a Pilates reformer class that will get your heart rate up, burn calories and also sculpt long lean muscles?  This fun class uses the Pilates reformer and incorporates the use of the jump board, circuiting between classic reformer exercises and jumping sections. Jumping allows the unique use of gravity to help strengthen and tone the whole body that builds bone density in a way that most workouts are not able to achieve. This is an upbeat class that will keep you moving while maintaining good form!

Pilates and Stretch/Contraction Class

Pilates and Stretch/Contraction

Designed to balance strength and alignment while also incorporating various stretching techniques, using the reformer, jump board and accessories. This class will deliver high intensity core conditioning with classical Pilates work while targeting all postural muscle groups. A restorative class for the tight-of-body focusing on sculpting long, lean muscles.

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