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Pilates Instructors


Leda has been studying movement, dance, and various forms of therapy for over ten years. She has taught Pilates in chiropractic offices, physical therapy clinics and Pilates studios since being certified in 2000. Her technique is influenced by a wide variety of master instructors and her approach is very personal and thorough. Her clients often comment that Leda has an amazing skill for understanding injury and also how to rehabilitate the problem. Leda has a compassionate and gentle approach to working with clients that allows new and established clients to challenge themselves with skills they once thought of as inconceivable. She offers both class instruction and private sessions throughout the week.


Abbe has been a Pilates enthusiast for more than 20 years. She began studying with Niedra Gabriel and was fully certified through Ivon Dahls’ program. She has experience with a wide variety of physical problems and fitness levels, including disabilities, sports injuries, and chronic conditions. In 2007, she created a ‘Pilates in a chair’ class for the elderly that has helped provide exercise options to those with low mobility. Abbe has an extensive background in theater, film, and dance, and is familiar with techniques that include Alexander and Feldenkries. She loves people and is forever fascinated by observing human movement and has been touched by the profound results Pilates brings to peoples’ lives.


Ilana began her journey in Pilates as first being a student and lover of Pilates for many years.  Her excitement for what it can do led her to become certified and now teaches others all the postural, strength, and flexibility benefits that she has experienced firsthand.  Ilana’s classes are a joy and focus on form and building confidence in one’s body and connecting awareness with motion.