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The most common types of pain include arthritis, low back, neck and joint irritation. The occurrence of pain has been increasing with longer life spans, computer use, lack of body care/ exercise and repetitive use types of work.  Compounding the high incidence of pain in our society is the added problem associated with pain medication overuse and a generalized lack of understanding of the causes of pain and ways to effectively treat such a problem.

Scar tissue is a natural part of our body’s healing process.  Unfortunately, the non-uniform laying down of such tissue in our bodies can lead to pain in areas that were previously not problematic for many people.  Some of the most common therapies used for scar tissue treatment are Graston technique, chiropractic care,  Rapid Release technique, massage therapy, prolotherapy, deep muscle stimulation, cold laser and a few others.  Graston is a technique that uses a metal tool to help release soft tissue adhesions in the injured muscles.  Graston is often administered by chiropractors as a way to help strip the muscle of unhealthy restrictions that can generate pain and discomfort for the patient.  Rapid Release technique is a speed vibrational (150-160 repetitions/ second) tool that is used on the damaged muscle to uncouple the contraction of muscle spindles that are sensitive to vibration.  Vibration treatment can be effective for delayed onset muscle soreness and recovery of range of motion after strenuous eccentric exercise. The types of tools used in vibration type therapy vary as do the injury types and their responsiveness to the vibration therapy.  Scar tissue when treated through massage can also be an effective way to deal with scar tissue pain.  Massage comes in many forms, but the best approach regardless of the massage technique is to first do a thorough assessment of the damaged muscles and the compensation patterns that may be in play.  Once understood the massage therapist will usually then select a style from their teachings that will best help in restoring smooth texture in the muscle by manually releasing adhesions in the muscles. Chiropractic care is a joint based therapy that can help with muscle function and the associated pain.  Chiropractic helps with scar tissue by normalizing the mobility and range of motion in joints and thus affects the muscle activity of the associated muscle groups.  Simply stated, as the joint is able to move as intended the muscles in the region will begin to operate as intended.  The effectiveness of treatment is often immediate or progressive over a prescribed course of therapy.  The manner in which chiropractic can be administered varies depending on the technique.  Most chiropractors have been trained in Diversified technique which is the manual adjusting of joints by applying a force at the end range of joint movement that usually will cause a cavitation/ “pop” and release of pressure in the joint.  Alternatively, many chiropractors employ Activator technique, which is a tool that uses a low force, but high speed to impact the movement of a joint.  The type of chiropractic care provided to a particular patient depends on the doctor and their training, patient preference and the characteristics of the person and the complaints that they come into the office with.

Seeking professional care for your health concerns is a great way to understand your physical complaints.  Chiropractors are a desired choice for scar tissue therapy as they will not only address the area of pain, but will also assess the overall body function and look for contributing causes to the symptoms that are occurring.  In addition to understanding cause and dysfunction a chiropractor will also demonstrate how to effectively self manage the issue during the healing process that typically involves both in-office and home based care for best results.