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We had examined on identity of Spleen at an earlier blog its general functions and relationship with liver.

As we have discussed on the foundational concepts of traditional medicine before there is Qi element involved with every organ in human system.  Spleen Qi is one of the main elements in our practice.  This Qi is directly involved with our dietary pattern and original Qi given with birth.

The body processes the food we consume and transforms it to energy and fuse it with foundational Qi to produce maximum amount of energy to be used up in one day.  Obviously, if you don’t eat right you will be running empty relying on your stored energy and foundational energy, but if you eat right regularly you will be good throughout the day.  This picture is all good and dandy if there are no issues, right?  What happens to body if spleen Qi gets disrupted or stagnated?  Simply put it, you won’t have too good of energy.  Body will feel weak, heavy, bloated, poor digestion, loose stool, irregular bowl movement, bleeding, cold hands/feet, no motivation and others.

Spleen Qi can be disrupted mainly in two ways.  One is by liver and the other is too much dampness in the body.  Liver is symbolized as tree and spleen as earth/soil.  Liver controls spleen as in trees prevent soil from sliding and holds it in place; however, if liver yang rises too high due to extreme stress liver will over-power instead of control on spleen to cause slowdown of spleen Qi resulting some of conditions mentioned above.

The other cause to slowdown spleen is dampness.  Most of times a person’s system builds up dampness through food he or she consumes – dairy products, too much thinking, natural low metabolism constitution.  These kinds of factors will hinder spleen’s function unless person takes necessary measurements to get rid of the factors out of person’s life style.

Spleen Qi is an important part of our overall energy source.  When spleen is healthy and strong you feel ready to go and active.  Spleen foods are earthy tone color food like yam, sweet potatoes, squash, etc.