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It is almost summer and the rise in sports related injuries has become a common thing that Live Well Chiropractic and Pilates Center has encountered in the past month.

A few tips for returning to sports or starting a new sport:

1) Start off right by stretching you back and the large muscle groups attached to your spine (hamstrings, quadriceps and traps to name a few). Stretch consistently for short periods of time versus long periods of stretching intermittently.

2) Know the injuries that your sport typically poses. Once you know this you can purchase the correct equipment or do strengthening exercises so that you are not the next person to quit due to a common injury.

3) Have your body examined by a chiropractor. Knowing the biomechanics of joint/ muscle and ligament function goes a long way in determining where your individual weaknesses may lie. Next, consider receiving the care that is recommended so that your body will function the way that it was intended.

4) Do not over train! If this is your first time exercising your doctor/ chiropractor will give you advice on how to train based on your health and fitness level. As a general guideline do not increase intensity and or frequency more than 10% a week to avoid most overuse injuries.

5) Nutrition. Often neglected, but an important part of the results you can expect from all the time and effort your may be planning to output for your sport. We are here and more than willing to help with meal and supplementation advice and planning.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and be safe!

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