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At Live Well Chiropractic we treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems, but some of our favorite issues to treat involve sports related injuries. Why do we like treating these injuries? Well, the reason is that there are many factors that must be considered in properly diagnosing and more importantly in treating a sports related injury. In addition athletes or people who are passionate about their sport are often more than willing to commit the time and energy to resolve and prevent future incidences.

For me, as the chiropractor I thoroughly enjoy the mystery and investigation needed with a sports injury. For example a rotator cuff injury may have the majority of it’s pain centered in the shoulder, but the cause of the injury may lie in areas ranging from the hip flexors, abdominal core region to the spine. This is where experience plays a crucial part in deciding what questions to ask, what regions to assess with orthopedic tests and what combination of findings paint the clear picture to the cause.

Chiropractic has always positioned itself as treating the cause of a problem is ultimately better than treating symptoms. This is exactly the point with sports chiropractic. For example a baseball pitcher may come in with severe shoulder pain, but upon investigation it may be determined that the lack of flexibility in the psoas muscles (hip flexors) and poor core/ abdominal strength is the actual factors that prevented the pitcher from creating the momentum required to throw a baseball at 100 mph and as a result the person then overused the rotator cuff causing it to tear. Beyond determining the cause of pain the treatment benefits for the patient will include resolving all factors associated with the injury.

If you have an issue that requires some deeper level of investigation to determine the cause and path for care please consider seeing Dr. Matthew Gloin, D.C. for a consultation and examination.