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Patient Testimonial | Hani

Hi, my name is Hani.

I originally came to Live Well Chiropractic a few years ago for a specific issue in my hip. And after all the help that Matthew Gloin gave me, I found that coming and having chiropractic care was so important for my just well-being. It would relieve pressure and tension. I’d also get migraines. I’d have shoulder pains or back pains. And so I find it just so helpful and just relaxing. I get better sleep. I work out better. My body just feels like it has more energy when I come.

And I understand that going a chiropractor is so scary because when you watch videos online [inaudible] they’re always dramatic first of all online, it’s never like violent or painful or anything like that. But I understand it’s really intimidating and I highly recommend it to anyone.