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Patient Testimonial | Hugo

Hey my name is Hugo.

Um I came to Live Well about three months ago because I was experiencing lower back pain and I also had I was getting all these crazy migraines and I was experiencing that for a very long time. Tried different methods and just nothing was working out. So I finally decided, hey, why not try chiropractic? I’ve never tried it before and I was honestly a little scared just because I’ve seen videos. And it looked painful! So I was, you know, I was a little paranoid.

I came in and stuff was amazing. But the doctor here, he really explained to me, um, everything that I was like kind of experiencing and why I was experiencing it. Um, I went through the adjustment and felt better right away. Came in for a second adjustment and things were just progressively getting better every single time.

And I can truly say that right now I my lower back pain went away, I haven’t had a migraine since. And it’s just a testimonial that you know, it really works. So I know that it would work for you as well.