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Patient Testimonial | Sylvia

Hi, my name is Sylvia.

I’ve been coming to Live Well for a very long time, actually since 2011. I found this studio close to home, and I tried because of my low back pain, my neck pain and especially my knees. And I always was looking for alternative treatments. And I found that you know chiro treatment, especially with Dr. Gloin, was very successful and very helpful, you know, for me as well as Pilates classes which I’m taking three times a week, along with acupuncture treatment that Live Well provides and the massages are incredible.

Uh I introduce a lot of my friends here and they’re always you know all of them super happy. It’s a it’s a family environment a very friendly, you know, Dr. Gloin along with, you know, his staff from the receptionist to, you know, instructors. They’re amazing. And I really enjoy coming here a lot.

And I’m planning on keep going.