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Patient Testimonial | Vestor

Hi, my name is Vestor.

I retired about four or five years ago. I decided as my activity in retirement as I was going to take up golf. Anybody who knows about golf either knows that you love it, or you just don’t get it. Unfortunately I was one of those who got it, and I was pretty intense about it. And I was a little overweight as well. So what happens obviously, in those situations is first thing that happened is my knees went out and then my back went out. And I had a wife who had been coming here to Live Well for a number of years and seeing Dr. Gloin and she said you need to come. So she dragged me here kicking and screaming actually.

Uh, and as wives know best it really, really worked out for me. They began with working a course of treatments. They I went to the chiropractic treatment had the adjustments, then added acupuncture. The big one was that they started with me in physical therapy and Pilates. I’ve been doing it ever since.

And yesterday I turned 70 years old and as a present, I got a round of golf at Torrey Pines down in San Diego. I walked over 15,000 steps on that golf course. And guess what I’m going to be on a golf course again tomorrow.

I have my friends who asked me with an astonishment where why are you so flexible? And I say of course of Pilates and physical therapies have kept me in shape and keep me going here at Live Well.