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What to Expect on Your First Visit

The first visit can be stressful, but there is nothing to worry about. We will keep an open line of communication with you. Here is what’s going to happen on your first visit.

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Health History

The first step for a new Chiropractic patient is to complete our health history intake forms. The details of your health as it pertains to acute and chronic problems are recorded as are other details of your overall condition. Members of our staff are able to help you through this initial paperwork and answer any questions that you may have about care once your visit with the doctor begins.


After reviewing your health history, the Doctor will meet with you to discuss your concerns and determine if and how they can be best treated through Chiropractic care and/or the other services that are offered at Live Well Chiropractic and Pilates Center. Prospective patients are asked by the Doctor about their goals and objectives of seeking care.


You will receive a thorough examination consisting of orthopedic, neurological, physical and Chiropractic tests. Checking spinal ranges of motion is a regular part of the physical exam as are functional tests and a discussion of the specifics of your complaint. Spinal assessments are determined by careful analysis of prior imaging if available, palpation of the soft tissue of the spine, range of motion studies and tests with instruments.

X-rays and Other Imaging

After the doctor has completed a thorough examination to assess a patient’s condition, they will then decide if X-rays and/or other imaging are necessary. Our office will provide a prescription for you to have imaging done at an outside nearby facility. We feel that having your images (if necessary) done at another facility where a separate specialized doctor will examine the images in addition to the Chiropractor examining the images is the best and most thorough way to visualize all details of the body area in question.

Report of the Doctors Findings

Typically, patients are seen and receive treatment on the same initial visit. Prior to beginning any care the findings of the examination will be discussed and a treatment plan will be proposed that includes information such as your diagnosis, amount and type of care being recommended and an outline of financial costs possibly associated. It is very important to the doctor that you understand the details of your specific case and have any questions answered so that we may work together as a team in getting your health back to peak levels. The doctor will also make treatment recommendations that address your needs.

Insurance benefit coverage and payment arrangements will also be discussed on this visit so that charges and financial obligations are never a mystery to you. The choice of going through with care is made by you. Following your decision, you will then be provided with your first treatment. This may include spinal adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy , acupuncture, spinal rehabilitative exercises, taping and/ or other physical therapy procedures.

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