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Our solar system is in a state of ‘harmony’ because of the energy grid or energy fields involved within the system as a whole is in harmony. It helps all of the nine planets and the Sun to maintain their interplanetary distances for a balanced constitution


Our human body and mind also has its own constitution which has been programmed to maintain its balanced and harmonized sate of well-being all the time…. In Traditional Asian Medicine, we call this balancing work of our body – Yin Yang Balancing!
As we know our earth is an electrically charged planet, positive charge(+) and negative charge(-) and so is our body, Yin(negative character) and Yang(positive character).
Yin can be expressed as matters, entities or energy that tends to be less active or energetic but tends to be more absorbent-like character (ie. the moon absorbs the suns rays and reflect them) in relation to that of its counterpart – Yang.
Now, if I stop here and don’t express it out about Yang, it becomes Yin driven or focused situation.. So, I give explanation about Yang’s characteristic right here:
Yang can be expressed as matters, entities or energy that tends to be more active or energetic but tends to be less absorbent-like character (ie. the sun emits energy via rays) in relation to that of its counterpart – Yin.

In ourselves we have the same Yin and Yang characteristics that need to be kept in balance for our bodies to remain in harmony. For example when we think about our emotions there is a Yin like quality to understanidng others emotions and there is a Yang like quality to express your own emotions to others. I can appreciate through the care of my patients where their health related Yin and Yang disharmony may be coming from by closely examining a patient’s symptoms for a particular health concern. In this way my treatment will help restore the harmony that our bodies would naturally like to have and I simply open the door for the body to heal itself.


Now, we’re balanced! (Of course, figuratively…)

And this Yin/Yang concept can be applied to everything in our body and for that matter, everything in mother nature – the Earth!
To be continued…!